Ashes to Ashes

sending their cremated ashes skyward 



....................Robert John Prinable...................

27 JULY 1964 -13 JUNE 2017

  Freshwater Lookout

2nd March 2018


I can’t thank Craig enough for his support and organisation in getting us to an absolutely sensational evening to honour and celebrate my husband.  Craig took care of all the negotiations with the local council (not always easy!), kept me in the loop as to the progress and made sure the evening and timing went smoothly and without stress for me.  Craig’s creativity in the fireworks was wonderful and his genuine care came shining through.  If you would like to have a sensational evening which truly reflects your loved one, I can highly recommend Craig at Ashes to Ashes.


Wishing you the best for the future.

Warm Regards



  ...................Belinda and Dean x  ....................


 FROM Our kids had always promised their grandma that they would blow her up in fireworks when she was gone, and she was only too happy to go along with that. When that day suddenly came, we had to find a way to help our kids keep their promise. We had no idea where to start, but found the details for Ashes To Ashes in an online search. Still not knowing what to expect or how to make this happen, we contacted Craig at Ashes To Ashes to find out more. Craig was very knowledgeable and helpful, and put together an amazing pyrotechnic tribute for us. He covered all the bases, including supplying the fireworks, getting all relevant permits and putting it all together with our choice of music. He even included the kids in the display, allowing them to push the buttons to kick it off. We were also given a video of the whole thing. It was truly amazing, and we are very thankful for the way Ashes To Ashes put it all together for us, enabling the kids to keep their promise to their Grandma. Thanks Craig and the Ashes To Ashes team

Belinda and Dean x




   ...................Elijah Matthias Cunneen..................

26th March  1997 - 12th May 2017

Balmoral Village , NSW

Losing a child is unbelievably painful. As Elijah was in the Army, we discussed with his mates the best way to remember him. It was decided that we would blow him up, as this seemed the most appropriate. And we knew Elijah would get a kick out of it. We contacted Craig at Ashes to Ashes to discuss how we could do this. Craig was fantastic. He has an empathy that put our minds at ease. The fact that he took care of all the legal and notification requirements made the lead up far less stressful for us. On the day Craig and his team were professional, efficient and discreet. The fireworks were amazing, far better than anyone could have anticipated. We cannot thank Craig enough for providing such an epic send off for Elijah.

Cheers mate,

Tom Cunneen