Ashes to Ashes

Fireworks Funerals sending their cremated ashes skyward 

Letter Of Request

  •  What locations are available?

Australia wide! Yes we cover every state and territory nationwide.

 As long as approval can be obtained from the relevant council, religious bodies or land owner..almost any location can be used as a site for this commemoration.

  • What is the cost?

Please phone or email us with a few details such as your location and where you are thinking of holding the fireworks memorial as cost will vary state to state and council to council. 

  • Can I Choose the fireworks?

Absolutely! colour is an important part of out lives, we can help find the colours that reflect the memories and character of your loved one making the event distinctive and individual. Tell us what your thoughts are and together we can create an unforgettable memory.

Do we handle funeral ceremonies and cremations?

Through our celebrant Victoria Spence we can help you, Have a look at "OUR CELEBRANT"  Page.

  • CAN I request an Ashes to Ashes funeral in my will?

Yes! Download the form below. Fill it out and attach a copy to your existing will. It's a good idea to send us a copy as well